A contributing and complementary new experience for me was the publication of "Sgt. Pepper", the revolutionary Beatles album. "Flower Power" and "Psycedelic Music" came into vogue, a trend that corresponded quite gravely to my magical "Voss Park" experience. The "Redway-Park" in Stuttgart-Rot, where i resident, became my personal musical terrain. In the late sixties and in the early seventeens this Park was the equivalent of a Stuttgartian woodstock scene


Here I founded my first music band, named "TNT", and this name corresponded to our music style, without much ornamentation. We wanted to target the emotions of our audience in the first line, but on the other side, we also had only cheap equipment and instruments. No wonder that our music sounded feral and blanch and there we invented special ingredients and musical additives to make our sound more impressive and more psychedelic.

We used in our sessions artificial lightning and smell and unothodox positioning of our loudspeakers in the music halls, in order to reach all human senses, and so we achieved a real "musical feeling" in our audience, which transceided the borders of sound listening and so we created a sort of couscience expansion in our fans.

Retroperspective, I realized that we uncousciously installed psychoacoustic techniques in those days....... 1972